/\ (at the stratosphere )

On a mission
@missionbicycle (at Golden Gate Bridge)

s h o e s

Lead-based paint isn’t the scariest thing about this room
Alcatraz Hospital Wing

Break the rules and you go to prison. Break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz. (at Alcatraz Island)

This is where Santa goes in the Summer (at Santa Barbara)

Pidgeyback ride (at Santa Barbara Pier)

FamilyVacation (at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)

Beachmobile (at Cabrillo Beach)

Rooftop chillin with the palms (at 16 feet in the sky)

Leaving for another hot date with San Francisco

Sky train (at Cedar Point)

Jump into the fog (at Tusky Valley High School)

Mk6 GTI with Yakima Whispbars and 1987 Trek Pro Series

Rise of the plants